Treatments tailored to any sector

General industry (process water)


This section covers all types of industry involving a production process where water plays a central or secondary role. As part of the production process, the quality of the water is essential in order to achieve satisfactory results, including fewer rejected parts and better end product quality. All of this will result in a net benefit for the company.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

TRAMASA designs and manufactures water purification systems involving a combination of ultrafiltration, single-pass or dual-pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation, sanitisable with chemicals or hot water, with all components made of sanitary materials.

Hospitals, dialysis and biochemistry


In a hospital there are many different possible water treatment processes: from water chlorination to maintain the water within correct chlorine content levels, through water softening systems, tower and boiler treatments, to purification equipment for biochemistry and dialysis (the latter being the most exacting requirement within a hospital).

Food and wine industry

Industria alimentaria y vitivinícola

Water plays a very important role in the food industry. There are several different types of water involved in this industry: irrigation water, water for food and beverage processing. The wine industry deserves special mention.

Energy industry


Very high-purity water is generally required for energy industry applications, such as feeding high pressure boilers, generating pure steam or making electronic components, where no residues whatsoever can be present. This type of water is essentially used in electric power stations, including biomass or biodiesel plants, thermosolar generation plants and combined cycle facilities.

Treatment for human consumption


Water as we find it in nature cannot be used directly for human consumption since, except in rare cases, it is not sufficiently pure. As it passes through the soil, over the surface or even through the air, water becomes contaminated by suspended particles and dissolved substances. In nature we have inextinguishable sources of water (rivers, wells, reservoirs, lakes, oceans…) which, by means of a simple physical-chemical treatment, can be turned into water fit for human consumption in accordance with WHO recommendations.

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