Food and wine industry

Industria alimentaria y vitivinícola

Water plays a very important role in the food industry. There are several different types of water involved in this industry:

  • Irrigation water. Depending on the type fruit or plant involved, the water will require specific salts content to ensure that the fruit obtained is of premium size or quality, or to enhance the appearance of the plant.
  • Drinking water for animals. If we provide good quality water to farm animals, they will produce better quality meat, gain weight in less time, and suffer fewer diseases, resulting in lower drug expenditure and hence increased profit.
  • Water for food and beverage processing. As it is directly involved in the production process, this water must be of high physical-chemical and microbiological quality, in some cases very similar to that required for the pharmaceutical industry.

The wine industry deserves special mention. In wine-making, treated water is essential for the washing of barrels, working surfaces, bottles and equipment. For that we need to use of osmosis-treated water to control viruses, bacteria and undesired fungi.

While suitable water quality is important to ensure proper storage, the clarification of wine by filtration without affecting any of its sensory properties is more important still. For wine clarification applications, TRAMASA offers cartridge or micro-ultrafiltration equipment. In both cases (cartridges or membranes) the equipment is specifically designed using sanitary, inert materials that do not affect the scent and flavour properties of the wine, resulting in superior quality wine totally free from suspended solids.

Treatments used in the food and wine industry

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